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Instant-Play vs Download Casino

Instant-Play vs Download Casino

Online casinos tend to offer two different versions, namely, instant-play (also known as Flash) and download. These versions can differ in terms of speed, game quality, range of games and more, although the differences are usually subtle and even nonexistent at some casinos. It mostly comes down to user preference, but here, we’ll let you in on the pros and cons of each option.


When online casinos were first launched in the 1990s, they operated exclusively in ‘download mode’. This meant that you had to download the entire casino software, including all the games, onto your hard drive.

Needless to say, this was usually a horribly slow process, especially in the early days of online casinos when internet speeds were notoriously slow. However, users of this method were onto something: once the casino software has been downloaded, the games are often of a superior quality, there are no loading times, and the graphics are usually better than in the instant-play casino version.

Download vs Instant-Play – ‘Flash’

Essentially, download casinos – like for example – are considered to be superior to Flash or instant-play casinos when it comes to smoothness of gameplay. Software developers tend to offer higher graphics quality and enhanced audio on their download-version games.

This is largely because with a download casino the graphics and sounds are stored directly in your computer’s hard drive, so when you play the game there’s no need to be connected to the internet and the overall experience can be smoother.

Mansion Casino

Normally, download casinos offer all the same bonuses and special features as their instant-play counterparts, such as payment and withdrawal options, promotions and ease of use. In addition, download casinos often offer more games than the instant-play version, and many leading software developers regularly produce download-only slots for desktop play.

However, there are several downsides to download casinos. First, you need to download the entire software onto your computer, which can take a long time and use up a lot of bandwidth – and then some. Also, it takes up a lot of space on your computer as the file is usually very large and it may even affect computer performance.

Another issue with download casinos is that they’re not always compatible with different operating systems, especially Linux. However, this has improved recently and many online casinos do offer Linux versions, yet there are still many whose download versions only work with Windows or Mac. Likewise, the availability of download casinos for mobile is fairly limited. Although many casinos do offer an app which is compatible with iOS and Android, most casinos recommend using the instant-play version when playing on mobile to avoid compatibility/performance issues. Betway Casino

Finally, some customers are wary of downloading the casino software onto their desktop, as any download may contain viruses. However, this is unlikely to be an issue, as most and reliable, especially if they’re properly licenced and regulated.

Instant-play casinos (Flash) are a relatively newer concept than download casinos. Recent technological developments have vastly improved the quality of Flash-based casinos (see:Casumo​) and now most online casino games work perfectly in any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile-based browsers. HTML5 software was particularly instrumental in allowing this development, as it helped multimedia to stream smoothly and seamlessly in web browsers, not to mention allowing the graphic and audio quality of the games to be virtually identical to the games on the download version.

Our Pick: Instant-Play

Instant-play has recently become the industry standard, and this is mostly because there’s no need to download any software, which means your system will remain uncluttered and you won’t be using up any hard drive space. This is particularly useful for players who prefer to gamble at many since if they were to download each casino individually, this would be impossible.

Faster internet speeds have also contributed to the rise of instant-play casinos; games take seconds to load when you have a strong WiFi signal or 4G connection. Additionally, instant-play casinos are popular for gamers who like to trial a new casino before they start spending money. If you just want to try out a new casino, you probably won’t want to waste your time downloading the entire games library and then uninstalling it if you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason.

Another major advantage of instant-play casinos is that you can create an online account and then play from any device using the same account. However, with a download casino, you’d be restricted to only using a device which has previously downloaded the software from the same casino.

However, instant-play casinos still don’t offer the same number of games as the download versions, and if you don’t have a fast internet connection or you’re using an old device, you may encounter technical difficulties when playing online.

Here’s our overall breakdown of the pros and cons:

Download Instant-Play
Pros ✓ Games stored on your computer’s hard drive

✓ Higher graphics quality

✓ Enhanced audio

✓ More games

✓ Most games work great in any browser

✓ Graphic and audio quality can be nearly identical to download

✓ No need to download software

✓ Can easily switch between different casinos

✓ Great way to try a new casino

✓ Can play from any device with your account

Cons ✘ Download takes a lot of bandwidth

✘ Needs a lot of space on your computer

✘ Can affect computer performance

✘ Not always compatible with all operating systems

✘ Can contain viruses

✘ May not feature as many games

✘ Requires a fast Internet connection and newer device


As you can see, there are pros and cons for both versions; a decade or so ago, when the internet gambling industry was much newer, instant-play casinos were something of a novelty and only customers with expensive computers would even consider using them. This meant that developers rarely produced web-based games and the instant-play selection was pitiful in comparison. However, this has all changed; now instant-play casinos are an option for virtually any online gamer and the difference in quality is minimal, if at all.

Essentially, the difference between download and Flash-based casinos ultimately comes down to personal preference and your precise situation. If you have a new computer, multiple devices and access to a high-speed internet connection then you’re probably better off using Flash-based casinos rather than the download versions. Also, if you rely on public computers or only use the Linux operating system then you may need to use the instant-play version. This will save space on your hard drive and enable you to seamlessly switch between devices, and you shouldn’t encounter any major issues.

However, if your computer is old or your internet is particularly slow, it may be best to download the casino software before playing. Also, if you want access to the full range of games and the selection offered in the instant-play version is insufficient, you will, of course, prefer to download the casino rather than playing in your browser. But be aware, downloading every single casino onto your computer can seriously hamper its performance and waste a lot of storage space. If you want to trial different casinos before selecting one that you will use exclusively, it’s best to try them out online first and then to download the one you decide on.

Most online casinos offer both versions, but it’s important to which compare both versions so you can decide which one is ideal for you.

  1. Dream Vegas™ Casino | 200% Match Bonus up to £2,500‎


    Dream Vegas™ Casino Just Launched. Play Now & Get a £2,500 Deposit Match! 200% Deposit Match. £2,500 Welcome Bonus. Brand New Casino. 50 Extra Bonus Spins.

  2. 32Red™ Online Casino | Deposit £10 and Get £32 Free.‎


    32Red.com – First Deposit Bonus & Dish Of The Day Deals. Casino Of The Decade. Award Winning Casino. 24/7 Support. Fast Payments. Microgaming Casino. Types: Live Roulette, Live Blackjack.

32Red Casino Review 2018 | Top 10 Best Online Casinos UK


32Red Review

Check out what we love about 32Red

32Red at a Glance

Top highlights: Massive range of games, and some nice added value with bingo, poker and sports betting too.

VIP or loyalty programme: Yes

Other offerings: Bingo, sports and poker


Get a 320% Bonus up to £160

Get Bonus


As you’ll come to expect from 32Red, everything comes in abundance – and this goes for the casino promotions, too.

There are a couple of bonuses for new players, including the holy grail itself – a no-deposit bonus. There are also some nice ongoing promotions, including seasonal ones themed around popular holidays (Halloween and Christmas), as well as slot game tournaments which give out daily bonuses.

There’s also Ruby Tuesday, where every Tuesday, the casino gives out ‘Red Ruby Rewards’ (more on this later) to certain players. For fans of certain types of table games, there are also promotions related specifically to certain table games, so you can get your fill with an added bonus.

Range of Casino Games

It would be a rare day indeed that a player wouldn’t be satisfied by what’s on offer at 32Red. There are 500+ casino games to choose from, including:

  • Slots (more on that shortly)
  • Live casino games
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Scratch cards

…and even more. And with Microgaming-powering everything, you can rest assured of the quality to expect.

As far as slots go, some fans might find having only Microgaming games on offer a little limiting, but we don’t think it’s too much of a problem, what with 315 slots to choose from, and such a great variety, including:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Jurassic World
  • Immortal Romance
  • Cool Buck

…we think it may even be a tad overwhelming for the average player.

Other Offerings

32Red is pretty much a one-stop-shop for all things online gaming. With an onsite sports betting section, bingo, poker and live casino client, anything you could want to bet on is just a click away – you’ll find the other sections at the top of screen, in the navigation bar.

One other option you’ll find among these is the ‘Premium Casino’ link, available on desktop only – and if you click it, your computer will download the casino client to your desktop, old school-style.

Software and Graphics

As mentioned above, Microgaming is the sole software provider for 32Red’s casino gaming. Widely regarded as one of the industry leaders, there’s certainly a lot to say about the service Microgaming provides: you can be sure as to the quality and design of the game you’re playing, as well as the range of bonuses on offer.

Microgaming is responsible for some of the most generous, highest-paying games online, including Mega Moolah and Major Millions. Although it’s sometimes seen as an ‘older brother’ to its younger competitor, NetEnt, we think that’s a bit of an unfair label – in our experience Microgaming stands for quality and entertainment, and everything works as it should (and even better).

Graphics-wise, the site itself is rather – you may have guessed it – red. Red screams at you from every corner of the screen – this may not be the casino of choice for those with sensitive eyes! Despite that, it’s very easy to navigate the site, with everything clearly divided into sections – whether that be the different types of games you’d like to play, or the different betting sites offered by 32Red, you’ll find them easily and quickly.

Extra Value

32Red is almost the epitome of what an online casino should be: it has the games, it has the promotions and it has the variety – despite having only one software provider. On that note, 32Red is almost Microgaming’s flagship brand. As such, players can be certain that the bonuses are actually worth their time, as are the games, and that they are appreciated as players.

Loyalty or VIP Programme

32Red's loyalty programme is called Red Ruby Rewards

Every player who makes a deposit and plays at 32Red is automatically – from the very first bet – entered into the ‘Red Ruby Rewards’ loyalty programme. From then on, every time they play, the player will receive ‘Red Rubies’ (loyalty points) and advance through the programme.

This is, of course, dependent on the casino game, as not all casino games’ stakes contribute equally to the wagering requirements of the programme. But once you get there, every 1,000 Red Rubies received can be redeemed for 10 free casino chips to play with.

Here’s how it works:

  • Bronze: 50 Red Rubies; earn 25 to stay in bronze
  • Silver: 1,000 Red Rubies; earn 500 to stay in silver
  • Gold: 5,000 Red Rubies; earn 2,500 to stay in gold
  • Platinum: 10,000 Red Rubies; earn 5,000 to stay in platinum
  • Club Rouge: By invitation only; eligibility reviewed regularly by VIP managers

You get to move up the tiers automatically, depending on how many Red Rubies you earn, but be warned – you have to re-earn the amount of Red Rubies needed each month to stay on the same VIP tier each time.

The benefits look pretty worth it, though. Here’s what you can expect from each tier:

  • Bronze: 1,000 Rubies birthday bonus
  • Silver: 10% bonus points; 2,500 Rubies birthday bonus
  • Gold: 20% bonus points; 3,000 Rubies birthday bonus; personalised promotions
  • Platinum: 50% bonus points; 5,000 Rubies birthday bonus; consideration for Club Rouge
  • Club Rouge: Up to 200% bonus points; 5,000 Rubies and exclusive birthday bonus; enhanced bonuses, promotions and more

To redeem your Rubies, simply login to your account, on either desktop or mobile – and tap on the ‘R’ icon at the top right of the screen. You’ll have to follow several prompts to complete the process, and you can only redeem units of 1,000 Rubies each time.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

32Red offers a pretty nice variety of banking methods:

Payment Method


Processing Time

Mimimum Deposit

Debit Cards




Credit Cards






















3-5 days






Wire Transfer


Instant once your deposit has been credited as cleared funds to our account


*Current as of November 2017; check 32Red’s website for any updates

Payout Policy

As with most online casinos, the length of time it takes for receiving your cash after requesting a withdrawal can really widely vary. With credit and debit cards, you might find yourself waiting up to 7 days, while with a bank transfer the wait could be as little as 3 days.

The casino states that some of the newer, more funky ewallet payment methods can process your cashouts quicker, in anywhere from 24 hours. On a side note, the casino itself is known as one of the quickest in the biz for processing these transactions, so you might just have to try it and see for yourself.

Withdrawal Method


Processing Time

Minimum Withdrawal

Debit Cards




Credit Cards




PayPal Free Instant £10















3 – 5 days






Wire Transfer

Free if above minimum

No info


*Current as of November 2017; check 32Red’s website for any updates

Customer Support

32Red hosts its very own mini-site with help topics and FAQs, divided into helpful subsections, including ‘Getting Started’, ‘Deposits and Withdrawals’, ‘My Account’ and so on.

But, if you’re at a loss and want to talk to someone, it’s best to turn to any of their customer support avenues, which are:

  • Phone – UK landline: 0808 180 3232
  • Live chat, available 24/7 and answered within 15 seconds of when we tried it
  • Email: support
  • Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Currently, the only language support is offered in is English.

Who Can Play?

UK residents are free to play at 32Red Casino, although players from the following countries are barred:





Hong Kong

South Africa



United States

The casino is available in the following languages:











32Red is licensed by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA).

Bottom Line

32Red is pretty impressive, as far as casinos go.

With a massive variety of games and types of betting, you’re sure to find something to like here. While some may grumble that this is a Microgaming-only casino, others will enjoy the selection of games that brings. We think it’s a solid place to start at for new players, and a great place for experienced gamers too – we recommend you try it out for yourself, and get playing at 32Red today.

Advertising Disclosure

This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) Read More

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Featured Online Casinos

Featured Online Casinos

The best selection of highly recommended online casinos for Ireland players, chosen by our editor for their highly advantageous and amazing bonuses.


Jackpot City

Get My bonus

What are the Top 10 Online Casinos in Ireland? Look no further – we have researched the best games and software, customer service, and payment methods for you to play at the best casinos. Our experts know the field and want your Irish gaming experience to be the best one possible.

All of our Top 10 casinos are fully licensed by the government of Ireland and are honest, trusted and safe for you to play. We do the work so you can sit back and play!

Choosing a Top Online Casino

There are many online casinos to choose from on the web, and finding a safe, secure and trusted brand can be overwhelming. Our experts have combed through the numerous casinos to bring you the short list of the top online casinos in Ireland.

Our top picks bring you the quality online gaming experience you desire – with the best welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and high-quality games. We’ve provided a list of the casinos that we only highly recommend for you.

Each casino includes a thorough review of all aspects of the casino – offers, players’ experiences, and regulation and licensing information. Read through the reviews to choose the best casino for you.

Irish Regulation of Online Gambling

Ireland regulates online gambling. There are many organizations that issue licenses and oversee the casinos to make sure the general public is protected.

Organizations such as the Gambling Commission overall protect players by making sure that casinos are open and fair, free of crime, and prevent minors from entering their sites. These organizations test and verify casinos on a regular basis so that you can be assured your online gambling experience is safe.

Our Top 10 Irish casinos are trusted and safe for the players of Ireland and all have the appropriate licenses. You can find the license on the individual casino site to know your gambling experience will be responsible and safe. Read through the reviews to find all the information you need before getting started.

Our Reviews

Our experts have years of experience in the online casino world. We bring to you only the top casinos that are safe and fair, and fully licensed. From 3D slots to baccarat, our extensive review process analyzes your favorite games and narrows down the process of finding a casino. We hope that our reviews will make it easier for you, the player, to find your ultimate online casino.

Great Casino Links For You!






Online Casino UK

Online Casino Reviews for UK only

Wager Requirements

A player should never rush into a relationship with a specific online casino without doing a fair amount of research. Casual players might be more interested in a sizeable welcome bonus, while someone with a few gambling buddies could profit more from the refer-a-friend rewards. It’s important to always read the fine print, regardless of the promotions that are advertised on the homepage. Wagering requirements are very common with online casino bonuses to prevent fraudulent activity from players. All of the restrictions are available on each casino site, and players are encouraged to read the FAQ or chat with a representative for clarification. Although bonuses aren’t necessary to enjoy the online gambling experience, it’s one of the best benefits of playing at home.

Largest Bonus Isn’t Necessarily the Best

Window shopping through a dozen online UK casinos is one way to find worthwhile bonus offers for joining or loyalty. However, it’s important to know that the highest amounts are typically restricted by the most thorough guidelines. High rollers and daily players may have an easy time meeting the minimum requirements, but others might find it difficult to take advantage of the significant bonuses. New players may jump into a tempting offer, only to realize that they’ve wasted a lot of time and money on a dead-end bonus. It’s advised to find an online promotion that is attainable based on the outlined restrictions and wagering requirements. No casino is going to have the best of everything, so users are encouraged to focus on the factors that are most suitable to their style of play.

Casino Reviews of well-known UK Casinos
Mobilbet No Deposit bonus

Leo Vegas casino no deposit bonus

PaddyPower No Deposit Bonus

UKCasino Bonus Freespins

Casino Directory

Casino Directory

Welcome to our casino directory. Here we present you a selection of highly recommended casinos for mobile and desktop.

We don’t simply list tons of (often similar) mobile casinos, but provide you with a limited, hand-picked list of casinos instead. We want to offer something for everyone, and therefore aim for a highly diversified listing. To keep it fresh and interesting, every month new ones are added and less popular ones are removed. Whether you’re looking for a classic or a modern casino, a free no deposit bonus or a big welcome bonus or games from a specific software developer, look no further. It’s all here!

Casinos A – Z

77 free spins + up to €200 welcome bonus

50 free spins on £10 first deposit

10 free spins + up to 200 spins on first deposit

up to £€$1,000 welcome bonus & 200 spins

up to £€$150 welcome bonus + 150 free spins

up to €200 welcome bonus & 50 spins

30 free spins + up to $6,000 welcome bonuses

30 free spins + up to $8,000 welcome bonuses

20 free spins + up to £1,600 welcome bonus & 100 spins

up to £1,500 welcome bonus + 1,050 spins

20 free spins + up to £€$1,000 welcome bonus

£5 free + up to £100 welcome bonus (t&c)

up to £€$2,150 bonuses & 85 spins

up to £€$1,000 welcome bonus

up to £€$200 welcome bonus & 100 spins

no welcome bonus, but recurring promotions

10 free spins + up to €$100 welcome bonus (t&c)

£5 free + up to £150 welcome bonus

up to £€$1,000 welcome bonus & 200 spins

up to 100 spins on first 5 deposits

up to £€$1,000 welcome bonus & 50 spins (t&c)

10 free spins + up to £€100 welcome bonus & 20 spins

Online Casino Reviews and Ratings Jul 2018 – Sign up Now!

Reviews and Ratings of the Best Online Casinos

Casinoleader.com is not another one of those online casino review sites with regular casino information, we presents reviews, ratings & guide on best real money online casinos with an aim to creating an unbiased review & comparison platform.

While every casino is similar in some extent but not every casino is worth wagering at or even signing-up with. Often, a player tends to wonder:

100% safe & secure

Introducing Top Online Casinos – Filter & Find your Pick

While knowing when the casino was launched helps you get an idea of its presence in the industry, any information on awards won or information on countries accepted currencies supported, live gaming etc lets you get a picture of what the casino has in store for you. For those who seek a swifter sneak peak into the casino, we make sure we give you the gist with the relevant details on the real money casino that could be your portal to winning millions.

Our casino experts rely on their meticulous research, study and gaming expertise to create detailed reviews to let a player compare key casino features before signing up. Each of these online casino reviews not only offer an insight into the services & highlights of the site but also give a step by step guide to sign-up process. Here is what our real money casino reviews introduces you to:

Casino reputation & gaming security

Before you pick an online casino it is important to know where is it registered and by which gaming authority. We only cover the trusted, reputed & secure online casinos, thus letting you have only the better options to select from. Our experts test these gaming sites for their gaming reputation in terms of the game license, player feedback, secure transactions and no-notorious or infamous stories.

Any casino with SSL technology for their banking transactions, trusted deposit options and a RNG safeguarded gaming interface are our preference, thus each and every casino at our end is reviewed for these features & services before being recommended to you.

Casino payout review

Knowing what is slots payout of a casino and which casino pays out better is often plays a great role in selection of the winning casino. When you known the payout of real money online casino at your end. Payout percentage is the expected payout from games like Slots or Roulette etc.

Our casino reviews also cover these payout percentage or payout rates to help you get a better idea of the possible winnings you could achieve from your real money wagering online.

Online casino gaming software review

The software technology behind any casino is what makes the whole gaming experience worthwhile. It is this feature that makes one casino better or greater than the other. Any Microgaming casino is often a better option than a fairly new or lesser known software casino. When reviewing a casino we make sure we introduce you the technology is powered by and the features to forward including the game interface and visual quality. Knowing if your selected casino has mobile gaming along with download and flash gaming helps in making your mind.

It is crucial to judge a casino based on the gaming quality and technology support, you must also keep the factors like regular game launch or lack of fresh games as your criteria to select a casino. To test a casino and its software, our experts go through every nook and corner of the interface, the usability, the clicks and visuals of the casino before we give a verdict on the software of that casino.

Real money casino games

The larger the game inventory the better the casino, but what if you only want to play Roulette and the casino you signed up with is a Slots casino with gigantic slots collection but no table or card games? We go through these top real money sites to understand the game collection, the types of games and gaming categories offered to help you get an idea on the casino’s specialty when it comes to games.

If the casino has plenty of games but lacks in the category that you prefer it is clear you must move to another casino. With an aim to give you head-ups on games variety, we scan the casino for every game and its variants available for desktop players.

Mobile Casino Games

Different players prefer different options, some are desktop players while some want to move to their smartphones for their casino gaming adventure. While reviewing a casino we focus on availability of mobile gaming by the casino; we check if the casino has mobile apps for all mobile formats or if there is a mobile responsive website available . Casinos with mobile gaming often have game collection different from its desktop version. It is important to know if your preferred game is availability in mobile version too, if you plan to play real money casino on your mobile.

Online Casino Bonuses & promotions

Online casinos are known to present bonuses & promotions with grander and larger looking numbers, along with fancy names to make their offer sound too tempting to resist thus making players sign-up and make deposits. To give you a fair idea of the welcome bonus or the first deposit offer or any free spins promotion, our casino experts make signup and try their hands at these promotions to understand the terms and conditions and any not so highlighted disclaimers.

Learn all about the welcome bonus packages or first and second deposits of the casino along with what other rewards you can get your hands on. Comparing two most popular casinos in terms of bonuses before making a deposit helps you get the best out of your wagering.

Customer service responsiveness

Gaming fanatics that we are, we also judge & review these casino gaming sites for he responsiveness, quick action and easy to get through factors of their customer support service. We review their support options by getting through in touch with them as players do, asking questions, sharing concerns on different areas to see how the support team responds.

It is better to select a casino with multiple support options like call, chat and email as it allows easy communication as well as give you freedom to pick what suits you. A huge percentage of a casino’s gaming reputation depends on their support to the players.

Tips for Choosing the Best Online Casino:

Country eligibility

Check if the casino accepts players from your country

Banking ease

Check availability of your preferred deposit method

Game collection

Scan the casino’s games for your favourite game type

Support access

See if the customer assistance has phone and live chat support

Free bonus

Look for Free Spins or No Deposit bonus

Mobile gaming

Check if there is any of Mobile Casino App

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose an online casino over a land-based casino?

Online casinos have left no stone unturned in representing their brick and mortar counterparts in digital form. Apart from the convenience of paying from anywhere and anytime, online casinos offer many more perquisites to its players. Lucrative Bonuses, Free Play, Flexible Banking Methods, Mobile Casino and Live Casino to name a few.

How old do I have to be to register at an online casino?

What do I need to play at an online casino?

How do I know the casino is safe to play at?

How do I know if online gambling is legal where I live or not?

Where do I find a good bonus?

How often is a casino’s software audited?